Claudio Pontorno

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Claudio Pontorno
Owner/Executive Chef

I was born in Sicily, Italy under the culinary prestigious and important influence of my Grandmother, my Mother and my Aunt.

I literally used to steal ravioli from my Grandmother's table, hiding down and consequently trying to avoid the wooden spoon when she tried to throw it to me once I got caught.

Unquestionably, these three figures represented my true passion, love and inspiration for food. Three figures for three essential components.

Passion makes you sacrifice and you don't feel any fatigue (almost). Love is determinant because you need to live your life with love at 360 degrees. Inspiration feeds your passion and is inevitable to experiment and also make mistakes to lead you in the right direction.

After 30 years in this industry, I still hold very tight these strongholds and paramount to finalize my culinary work and project, attentively and meticulously delivered straight in your palate.

The key for authenticity is a daily effort to respect Nature and its cycles, the tradition, which without it, there would not be the progress of the exploiting of flavours for the palate's explosion I want to offer you even with the simplest dish ever cooked.

Buon Appetito!

All of our pastas are freshly made from scratch to cater to our guest's allergies and dietary restrictions.
We believe in the most natural and healthy ingredients.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

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